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Thar Ga Ya Elephant Camp

" Thar Ga Ya Elephant Camp" is located in the foothills of the Bago Yoma mountain range and lies within the Saing Yay tropical reserve forest. From Taungoo to Thargara Pho Kyar Forest Resort by car is 26 miles.This place has emerged as an ideal eco tourism spot and enjoys a spectacular location, surrounded by a zigzagging stream and full of the fragrance of wild orchids and seasonal flowers.

The Trip to Thar Ga Ya Elephant Camp will provide opportunity to visit an elephant village and study the way of life of Myanmar exotic animals, elephant ,like, the skillful manner in which the mahout (elephant handler) communicates with his elephant.


Than Daung

Than Daung, it was once used by the British as a popular summertime retreat during the colonial era but has since fallen into disuse and is now untouched by tourists. Than Daung can actually be divided into two areas. Than Daung Gyi is located in Kayin State, 38 miles east of Taungoo and Than Daung Lay, just 13 miles and 45 minutes by car from Taungoo. Pathi Waterfall is one of the attractions in this heavily forested area.To relax your mind and body swim in the Pa Thi Creek and enjoy the natural beauty of mountains and forest. Joomla 3.3 Templates